Tue, 25 Mar 2014

100,000 Scrobbles!

100,000 Scrobbles!

I’ve been using last.fm for almost 11 years now. Primarily, I use it as a statistical database of my listening habits, or at least the portion of my listening that happens on internet connected devices / services.

Of course, last.fm is useful for more than just cataloguing your listening habits. It’s a streaming radio service, a community site for talking about music and more. For me, though, it’s always been most amusing as the place where I can go to remind myself what I was listening to 5 years ago, or which songs I’ve listened to most, or whatever. For example, I found myself wondering how many songs I listen to in a day on days when I work at home. 40 lines of Python later (including whitespace 😉 and reasonable exception handling) and I had my answer.

Some facts:

  • Assuming an average song length of 5 minutes, 100000 songs would mean 49.6 weeks of continuous listening.
  • The web interface won’t show me the very first song I ever scrobbled. The earliest I can find a record of is “Lighthouse” by Amon Tobin, from May 15, 2005, over two years after I joined the service.
  • I can’t remember who turned me on to last.fm. It may have been Dan Sicko; it seems like the sort of thing he would have been all over early.
  • My 100,000th scrobble was the full 39:58 minute version of the Orb’s “Blue Room”, which I’ve scrobbled 31 times -- first on the 31st of March, 2006.

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Sat, 04 Jan 2014

Niblet Rush

Unfortunately I’m not sure if this is useful at all to non-subscribers, but I put a few minutes into compiling a playlist on Rdio this morning.

The idea behind it its simple: songs that get in and get out in less than two and a half minutes. No flab, no self-indulgence, not many solos. 😃

The embedded iframe is currently a Flash wrapper. (sigh)

Maybe they fix that someday...


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Wed, 20 Nov 2013

Delia and the Doctor

Delia Derbyshire

Delia and the Doctor: How to cook up a tune for a Time Lord

I initially was just going to link to this excellent article in a links post, but it’s so well done that it deserves a post of its own. As I’ve mentioned before, I’ve been obsessed with the BBC Radiophonic Workshop and latter day music that’s absorbed its influence. This is a copiously linked article that’s loaded with trivia for anyone who has even a passing interest.

Give yourself a few minutes to read it; you won’t be disappointed.

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Sat, 26 Oct 2013

Techno Classics

Over on Facebook, I somehow walked into a buzzsaw… er I volunteered a list of my favorite ever techno tracks. Below are YouTube links to them. There are embeds available below the fold. (If Facebook were less of a silo, I would have simply embedded the post here – the comments were worth looking at.)

read more after the break...

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Wed, 11 Sep 2013

Listening Center - Periodical

I've been listening to a lot of this sort of thing lately: library music, hauntology, whatever genre name you want to hang on it. For those of us "of a certain age" it's the sound of old instructional films, elementary school filmstrips, etc. I suppose it's a sort of nostalgia, but it's looking back at a time that never was; a Gernsback continuum of shiny jumpsuits and jetpacks.

I owe a longer post about this sort of thing, honestly, but for now I'll leave you with a simple video.

Mini-album, on iTunes or EMusic.

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Tue, 10 Sep 2013

Empty Avenues EP

Empty Avenues cover

There's a new release on my favorite record label, Ghost Box: Electronic pop pioneer John Foxx, with Jim Jupp (Belbury Poly) and Jon Brooks (the Advisory Circle). There's a nice Pye Corner Audio mix on the EP as well.


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Thu, 05 Jul 2012

Bleached - Searching Through The Past

The fadeout of this song pretty much encapsulates everything I love about music.


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Sat, 09 Oct 2010

Dave Goes To Hollywood

Holly Johnson
(please click through)

I was a junior in high school when I got into ZTT Records in a huge way. Apple’s Ping may have a long way to go as a social network, but I have to admit it’s a huge thrill directly interacting with a musician I grew up following.

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Mon, 23 Feb 2009

Shuffle Rescue

Econo Stylee

I'd had a stressful workday plus an afternoon commute in one of the nastiest traffic environments the U.S.A. Thankfully the iPod knew exactly what was needed and served these up on the way back to my hotel.

  1. For You (JDSY Mix) – Solvent
  2. The Flowers She Sent – The Magnetic Fields
  3. Breakfast In America – Supertramp
  4. Melotronic (Peel Session) – Luke Vibert
  5. Paper Planes – M.I.A.
  6. Amazon – Underground Resistance
  7. Ceremony – New Order
  8. Chesh – the Black Dog
  9. Seabird – Air Miami

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Sun, 30 Nov 2008

Charlie Brown Christmas Soundtrack for $1.99

I don't often do this sort of thing, but this is a really great deal and it only lasts one day...

For a while AmazonMP3 has been offering some crazy good one-day deals via Twitter. I've gotten a few really good albums for almost no money, and today's is a really special one.

There are no hidden affiliate links or anything, it's just a really good deal worth spreading around.

Disclaimer: I think (but I'm not positive) this is a US-only deal. Also, if you're reading this after 2008-Nov-30 (Sunday) you're already too late, sorry.

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Mon, 03 Nov 2008

Yo La Tengo - Stockholm Syndrome

Just try to resist this song, I dare you.

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Fri, 08 Aug 2008

ffg muxtape updated

We rebooted our Muxtape over at moodmat, and I took the opportunity to push a long overdue refresh of my personal mux at the same time. No criteria here, it’s just a bunch of music I like. No themes or genres or anything else, just tunes.


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Sun, 25 May 2008

Dan Bell, "Baby Judy" at Movement 2008

More festival coverage at Moodmat.

Hoped to be able to blog things realtime, but <sad panda>no wifi onsite.</sad panda>

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Thu, 17 Jan 2008

Another Implication of iTunes Movie Rentals

Expires at 11:41PMSo “Fairplay Version 3” apparently has the ability to handle expiring content. If I had to hazard a guess, I’d say that Apple could, if they wanted, apply the same expiration logic to music. Steve Jobs has repeatedly stated that customers don’t like to rent their music, and the relative success of online music sellers (e.g. iTunes, Amazon, eMusic) as opposed to renters (Rhapsody, etc.) would seem to bear that out.

Still, it’s an interesting new wrinkle.

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Tue, 29 May 2007

Jeff Mills Closes Out Movement '07

We were able to get right up to the main stage. Apologies for the crappy YouTubiness of the video. Enjoy.

Further Movement '07 coverage at moodmat.

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Fri, 19 May 2006

The Gag Order Has Been Lifted

I’ve been pretty quiet around here, lately. One reason is that I’ve been working with good friends Dan Sicko, Aran Parillo, and Matt MacQueen on a new collaborative music blog.

We are proud to present moodmat.

Most of my future music-related posts will go there, but everything else (technology, personal, travel, and all those other bloggy things) will continue to live here.

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Wed, 29 Mar 2006

Roll Titles

Awesome musical meme thing, via Sven who got it from Blogography-Dave.

Answer a series of questions about yourself using only song titles from a single band. I chose the Fall.

  1. Are you male or female? “Big New Prinz”

  2. Describe yourself: “I Am Damo Suzuki”

  3. How do some people feel about you: “Spoilt Victorian Child”

  4. How do you feel about yourself: “Wrong Place, Right Time”

  5. Describe your ex boyfriend/girlfriend: “Bad News Girl”

  6. Describe your current significant other: “Sing, Harpy!” (I kid, I kid!)

  7. Describe where you want to be: “Hit The North”

  8. Describe how you live: “Live At The Witch Trials”

  9. Describe how you love: “Your Heart Out”

  10. What would you ask for if you had just one wish: “Disney’s Dream Debased”

  11. Share a few words of wisdom: “Get A Hotel”

  12. Now say goodbye: “Eat Yrself Fitter”

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Fri, 24 Mar 2006

Working On Something, Honest

I’ve been a blogging delinquent lately, I know, but I did want to mention that I’m working on something, with some friends, and there’ll definitely be something to see soon. We’re still in stealth mode, but if you want to get an idea of what my initial contribution is going to look like, you could always subscribe to http://del.icio.us/rss/ffg/system:filetype:mp3+sxsw2006 in your podcatcher (e.g. iTunes or Odeo or Yahoo or iPodder Lemon or…)

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