Sat, 07 Jul 2012

Nerdy Videogame Administrivia

If you’ve got a few seconds, you can help me out in-game by throwing an FB “like” on the following two links:

If this post looks really weird in your aggregator, it’s because it strips/sanitizes style attributes out of rendered html. There's no way around that (that I’ve found, at least) without invalidating my page by using height and width attributes on my images... I wanted to use the high-DPI icon for those lucky folks with “retina-class” displays. Also, if you noticed this page changing 30 or 40 times since it was initially posted, it's because I want to kick CSS right in the nads.

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Sun, 28 Sep 2008

WipEout HD

Pretty rocket car

The WipEout game series is maybe my favorite game series, ever. The latest installment is a Playstation 3 exclusive that runs in 1080P at 60FPS and, yes, is pretty gorgeous.

One of my favorite non-gameplay additions is a pretty slick photo mode for taking pretty screenshots. I posted a series of 1920x1080 shots here.


Here's the playlist I'm using. It's a little on the "genre" side, I realize, but the only things that really work here are very electronic, with fast tempos.

  • "Baltimore (Tech Itch and Dylan Remix)" - Photek
  • "Two Masks" - Source Direct
  • "Soda's Theme" - Ilkae
  • "My Blue Car" - Solvent
  • "S4" - Jonny L
  • "Helicopter (Original '93 Mix)" - Deep Blue
  • "Enforcers" - 2562
  • "Museum" - Robert Hood
  • "Ruthless" - Amon Tobin
  • "6:07" - Plug
  • "Norte Route" - Balil
  • "CCTV - Monolake
  • "Oolaa" - Orbital
  • "Floods v3.9" - The Black Dog
  • "Jupiter Jazz" - Underground Resistance
  • "My Medusa" - K.Alexi Shelby
  • "Coyote Flux - Minimal Man
  • "Starchild" - Sluts 'n' Strings

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Sat, 06 Jan 2007

Arthur the Tank

Go Arthur!This entry will probably mean nothing to you unless you play World of Warcraft.

Our raid group (Alliance) was at the very end of an Alterac Valley battle, in the enemy keep, assaulting the Horde general (Drek’Thar). For whatever reason, we ended up in the keep without any warrior tanks.

So Arthur, my wonderful little Westfall boar, who I’ve had since level 10, ended up as main tank. Hilarity ensued.

We still won.

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Thu, 03 Nov 2005


Level 60

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Mon, 01 Aug 2005

Meaningless To Most

If you don’t play World Of Warcraft, this post will be completely meaningless to you. Sorry.

If you do play WoW, and especially if you play a Hunter, you’ll want to see this . After months of promises, we finally get a look at the upcoming Hunter talent revamp. After being a gimped class for so long, it really feels good to see these changes. We now have three fully viable talent trees. Rogues, please don’t hate.

I’m really torn about which way to go — the new 31-point talents in both Beast Mastery and Survival are awesome.

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Fri, 15 Apr 2005


The PSP rocks like Elvis. Seriously sweet device. It made my most recent business trip far more enjoyable than such things have a right to be. Nice bit of symmetry -- the original Wipeout was the game that made me pick the Sony Playstation over the Sega Saturn back in 1995. I was a console gamer during the Atari 2600 / Odyssey II / Intellivision era, and continued on through the Colecovision, then college and the Crash happened and I lost interest. I completely opted out of the era of Nintendo's dominance, missing out entirely on the NES and SNES, so the sentimental attachment gamers of that era have to properties like Mario, Zelda, StreetFighter, and all that other stuff is completely absent in me. My touchstones are the old Activision, Odyssey II, Midway, and Atari games of the 80s. And Wipeout. Oh yes, Wipeout, and how it warms my heart to see the old gal as one of the launch kingpin titles on the new PSP.

I even watched Spiderman 2 in my hotel room, on the PSP's remarkably bright, clear screen. I'd somehow managed to miss it in theatres, so it was nice to have it in the PSP bundle.

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Mon, 29 Nov 2004

World Of Warcraft, For Real

teensy thumbnailBack a couple of months ago, I took part in the stress-test portion of World of Warcraft's beta test, and I posted about it a couple of times. The game shipped for real last week, and, though there have been some server capacity problems, I spent a fair amount of the long weekend playing it. It's a blast. My main character, as before, is a dwarven hunter, but I'm also playing a troll priest (see photo) on a different server as time permits. Dan took his first hit a few weeks ago, during the open beta, and has been chasing the dragon (heh) with me on the same server.

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Thu, 09 Sep 2004

On The Back of A Gryphon, At Night

Gryphon flight at night

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Wed, 08 Sep 2004

More World of Warcraft

My dwarven hunter and his petI’m almost kinda glad the stress test beta is over tomorrow, because this game is a serious timesink. I almost hesitate to say it, but, even in beta form, this may be the most purely enjoyable game I’ve ever played. There’s so many things to do, quests to complete, and the game world is huge, huge — there are constantly new things to see. Dangerous.

The linked screenshot to the right (1.1 MB) shows my dwarven hunter and his pet forest spider in the territory of Dun Morogh.

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Fri, 03 Sep 2004


Anyone else playing the World of Warcraft “Stress Test” beta this week? Fun stuff. This is the first game of this sort (MMORPG) I’ve ever played.

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Mon, 01 Mar 2004

San Andreas

GTA: San AndreasJust got an email from Rockstar Games. No details as of yet, but it lends credence to the idea of a "Streets Of San Francisco" themed 70s setting, perhaps. It's slated to show up in October 2004 on the PS2.

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… Another writer again agreed with all my generalities, but said that as an
inveterate skeptic I have closed my mind to the truth. Most notably I have
ignored the evidence for an Earth that is six thousand years old. Well, I
haven’t ignored it; I considered the purported evidence and *then* rejected
it. There is a difference, and this is a difference, we might say, between
prejudice and postjudice. Prejudice is making a judgment before you have
looked at the facts. Postjudice is making a judgment afterwards. Prejudice
is terrible, in the sense that you commit injustices and you make serious
mistakes. Postjudice is not terrible. You can’t be perfect of course; you
may make mistakes also. But it is permissible to make a judgment after you
have examined the evidence. In some circles it is even encouraged.
— Carl Sagan, “The Burden of Skepticism”