Tue, 18 Mar 2003


I see Dave Hyatt's weblog has developed DID and split into fractions. He decided that all of the Safari-related stuff was overwhelming his personal content. I hope the new setup goes well for him, though I find that some of my favorite weblogs are the ones that freely mingle the techy/professional with the whimsical/personal.

When I first started playing with the idea of doing a weblog, I was simply going to make a little occasional news page for the station to replace the old, anemic one. Yeah, I guess I could have done that, but the whole Freeform Goodness ethos is driven by the idea that there aren't neat little dividers between things, between the personal and the professional, between the technical and the squishy, between the math rock and the one-note sambas. I decided that if I was going to do a page I'd actually keep updating, the only "true" thing to do was to make the log as self-indulgent, incoherent, and idiosyncratic as the station. It works for me, but then I'm one of those low-traffic guys who doesn't exactly burn up the charts on Technorati.

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