Tue, 01 Apr 2008

Another Excuse To Never Post

I’d heard about Tumblr before, but I’d never quite figured out what it would give me that I couldn’t already achieve via this blog, or Twitter, or del.icio.us, or moodmat, or any of the other places I sporadically attempt to bore people. I’ve finally figured it out — it works best for things that are a little too substantial to be tweets, are more than just random linkdrops, but don’t quite justify a full blog entry (general purpose nor music specialty). So I have fractional horsepower freeform goodness.

The stalker feed covers it all, anyway, and then some.

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The Magic Word:
Which planet is closest to the sun? (hint -- it's Mercury...)

The Great Movie Posters:

SEE rebel guerrillas torn apart by trucks!
SEE corpses cut to pieces and fed to dogs and vultures!
SEE the monkey trained to perform nursing duties for her paralyzed owner!
— Sweet and Savage (1983)

What a Guy! What a Gal! What a Pair!
— Stroker Ace (1983)

It’s always better when you come again!
— Porky’s II: The Next Day (1983)

You Don’t Have to Go to Texas for a Chainsaw Massacre!
— Pieces (1983)