Wed, 02 Jul 2003

An Experiment -- OmniOutliner and Blosxom

  • Why?
    • Prompted by the experimental application of Radio Userland as an outline posting tool for Movable Type, I decided to see if it were possible to do something similar using OmniOutliner and Blosxom. I would think that an outliner would be really useful for the long, omnibus-type posts (like the Drive-Bys) that I do sometimes.
    • Outliners are, so I've been told, excellent tools for organizing your thoughts, assuming you have thoughts to organize.
  • How?
    • Create the entry in OmniOutliner
    • Export as HTML
    • Clean up any garbage <FONT> tags, etc., if necessary added by the export process in Hydra.
    • Publish.

Postmortem: Well, it was a bit more work than that. First, OmniOutliner creates a complete HTML document upon export, which means I have to get rid of extraneous <BODY> tags and stuff as well as a bunch of other <HEAD> type stuff. Nothing too difficult, but as it's a manual process there's the potential for error. The other, more serious issue is that it also "helpfully" entity-escaped every single HTML tag I included in my post. This seemed like the more insurmountable issue, until I remembered that, since I was using a Cocoa editor, I could take advantage of Unicode Checker's "HTML Entities -> Unicode" service to reverse that damage. Cool. I'd call it a success.

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“If you want the best things to happen in corporate life you have to find ways
to be hospitable to the unusual person. You don’t get innovation as a
democratic process. You almost get it as an anti-democratic process.
Certainly you get it as an anthitetical process, so you have to have an
environment where the body of people are really amenable to change and can
deal with the conflicts that arise out of change an innovation.”
— Max DePree, chairman and CEO of Herman Miller Inc.,
“Herman Miller’s Secrets of Corporate Creativity”,
The Wall Street Journal, May 3, 1988