Mon, 12 Jan 2004

New Linklog!

Taking advantage of the newly released LinkLog software from Codepoetry, I've spun my mindless link propagation tendencies off into a separate area of this website. The freeke lincoln log (cough) will evolve as the underlying software matures beneath it, of course, but feel free to play around. If you wish to submit links, this bookmarklet will submit whatever page you happen to be viewing.

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The Magic Word:
Which planet is closest to the sun? (hint -- it's Mercury...)

Mummy dust to make me old;
To shroud my clothes, the black of night;
To age my voice, an old hag’s cackle;
To whiten my hair, a scream of fright;
A blast of wind to fan my hate;
A thunderbolt to mix it well —
Now begin thy magic spell!
— Walter Disney, “Snow White”