Fri, 10 Jun 2016

Replaced the Landing Page

The old landing page for this domain had been pretty much unchanged since the 1990s. The logo was gif file I’d created in (no joke) 1994. The original logo was done in Adobe Illustrator, but at some point I lost the master. The page was all done with tables, and in an age of large, high-DPI screens (and small mobile ones), it looked increasingly ridiculous.

I spent 5 minutes (seriously, and 3 of those were checking style tag syntax on in my text editor and created a new version that uses CSS and SVG and should look fine in every modern browser, desktop and mobile. I didn’t bother using hacks to make it work in IE < 10 because, sorry, IDGAF.

I spent a few minutes autotracing the old gif file, pulled it into Graphic and spent a few more minutes cleaning it up. It’s pretty obvious which era was happening when I did the original:

old logo

I took the opportunity to tighten the tracking and make the grunge slightly less obnoxious. I hope it’s still identifiably itself:

2016 logo

Of course, now that we can render vectors in web browsers I made it freely scale with the page size.

You can see the end result here.

At some point I’ll redo the blog layout too. Baby steps.

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