Wed, 02 Jul 2003

An Experiment -- OmniOutliner and Blosxom

  • Why?
    • Prompted by the experimental application of Radio Userland as an outline posting tool for Movable Type, I decided to see if it were possible to do something similar using OmniOutliner and Blosxom. I would think that an outliner would be really useful for the long, omnibus-type posts (like the Drive-Bys) that I do sometimes.
    • Outliners are, so I've been told, excellent tools for organizing your thoughts, assuming you have thoughts to organize.
  • How?
    • Create the entry in OmniOutliner
    • Export as HTML
    • Clean up any garbage <FONT> tags, etc., if necessary added by the export process in Hydra.
    • Publish.

Postmortem: Well, it was a bit more work than that. First, OmniOutliner creates a complete HTML document upon export, which means I have to get rid of extraneous <BODY> tags and stuff as well as a bunch of other <HEAD> type stuff. Nothing too difficult, but as it's a manual process there's the potential for error. The other, more serious issue is that it also "helpfully" entity-escaped every single HTML tag I included in my post. This seemed like the more insurmountable issue, until I remembered that, since I was using a Cocoa editor, I could take advantage of Unicode Checker's "HTML Entities -> Unicode" service to reverse that damage. Cool. I'd call it a success.

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